ERIClean LiFePO4 Powered Professional Floor Cleaning Equipment

Autonomous Floor Cleaning

Cenobots SC50
Cenobots SP 50
ERIClean & Cenozoic Robots Manufacturing Partnership

Cenozoic Robotics presents the world’s first spot-cleaning robot, the SP 50. ERIClean distributors have exclusive access to this intelligent floor-cleaning robot. 

Worry-free robotic day-time sanitary maintenance is finally possible.

Capable of detecting more than 30 different types of waste and debris with a 99% accuracy, the SP 50 can reliably and intelligently perform auto spot-cleaning thereby greatly increasing cleaning efficiency by as much as a factor of 10.

Rider Scrubbers

ERIClean E810R Lithium-ion Powered Rider Scrubber Side View
Tackle Large Areas with Ease

Enjoy greater efficiency, maneuverability, and excellent cleaning results with the LiFePO4 powered E810R.

Side view of E660R rider scrubber
Powerful and Efficient

Increase productivity with this versatile and powerful rider scrubber. The E660R fits through standard doorways.

ERIClean E531R Lithium-ion Powered Rider Scrubber Side View
Consistent Cleaning Performance

Quick and agile, the feature-rich E531R delivers superior power and cleaning capacity in a compact, lightweight design.

Walk-Behind Scrubbers

ERIClean 531BD Lithium-ion Walk-Behind Floor Scrubber
Walk-Behind Scrubber with Traction Drive

ERIClean’s E531BD Self-Propelled Floor Scrubber delivers with its cleaning efficiency and durable construction.

Portable Scrubbers

ERIClean E100 Lithium-ion Powered Portable Scrubber
Portable Scrubber for Hard Surfaces

Mopping and spreading dirt is a thing of the past with this versatile scrubber. Features 3-in-1 cleaning, integrating the mop bucket, agitation, and wet vacuum seal in a lightweight, maneuverable, and easy-to-operate design.

Escalator Maintenance

ERIClean ES-515C Escalator Cleaning Machine
Rapid On-site Escalator and Moving Walkway Cleaner

ERIClean’s ES-515C Escalator Maintenance Machine offers dual cleaning modes for dry scrubbing and wet washing that thoroughly and efficiently clean escalator and moving walkway surfaces edge to edge.

Why Choose ERIClean?

Industry-Leading Technology

ERIClean LiFePO4 batteries offer an industry-leading 3,000 cycles of charge versus other brands.

Save Time & Money

Spend more time cleaning and less time waiting for batteries to charge.

Environmental Impact

No VOCs are released during LiFePO4 battery charging cycles.

Become a Distributor

We’re eager to discuss dealer and distributor opportunities with brands and businesses looking to partner with us and carry ERIClean products.