Edge-to-Edge Cleaning with Dry Sweep and Wet Wash Options

ERIClean’s ES-515C is a professional-grade escalator maintenance machine designed for rapid on-site escalator and moving walkway cleaning.

Rapid Cleaning Performance

Edge-to-Edge Clean

Dual cleaning modes offer both dry scrubbing and wet washing to thoroughly clean escalator and moving walkway surfaces.


The removable 8L solution tank and 12L recovery tank are simple to fill and drain; multi-level bristles get the job done.


This stationary escalator cleaner is easy to use, lightweight, and features a convenient control panel with clearly marked predefined cleaning modes.

Heavy-Duty Power

A 350W brush motor, 800W vacuum pump, and 920 rpm brush speed tackle the toughest of cleaning situations.

Dual Cleaning Mode Escalator Maintenance Machine

ERIClean’s ES-515C Escalator Maintenance Machine offers dual cleaning modes for dry scrubbing and wet washing that thoroughly and efficiently clean escalator and moving walkway surfaces edge to edge.

In dry mode, the specially designed, multi-level brushes and 800W vacuum pump ensure that the escalator surface is left clean of debris, such as dust, sand, stones, dirt, foreign objects, and other particulates. 

Choose the wet cleaning mode when the treads are heavily soiled or oils and grease have built up. Fill the 8L removable solution tank with ERIClean detergent and water and feel the power of the 350W brush motor as the multi-level bristles tackle the toughest of situations at 920 rpm. 

Regardless of cleaning mode, all excess dry and wet material vacuumed from the tread is stored in the easily removable 12L recovery tank located on top of the housing.

The ES-515C delivers thorough cleaning results for a variety of operational environments, including airports, mass transit systems, retail stores, office buildings, hotels, shopping malls, arenas, and more.

ERIClean ES-515C Escalator Cleaning Machine side view
ERIClean ES-515C Escalator Cleaning Machine rear view
ERIClean ES-515C Escalator Cleaning Machine bristle view

ES-515C Specifications

  • DC Power Input: 110V 60Hz
  • Recovery Tank Capacity: 12L
  • Solution Tank Capacity: 8L
  • Brush Width: 21 in
  • Brush Speed: 920 rpm
  • Brush Motor: 350W
  • Vacuum Pump: 800W
  • Water Flow Rate: 650mL/m
  • Recovery Rate: >80%
  • Weight: 154 lbs
  • Dimensions: 34”x21”x44”

Why Choose ERIClean?

Industry-Leading Technology

ERIClean Lithium-ion batteries offer an industry-leading 3,000 cycles of charge versus other brands.

Save Time & Money

Spend more time cleaning and less time waiting for batteries to charge.

Environmental Impact

No VOCs are released during Lithium-ion battery charging cycles.